Our environmental issues have massively accumulated . Air pollution and water & food contamination have reached appalling levels , contaminated with chemicals , pesticides , bacterial and all sorts  of industrial waste . Due to which we are still plagued by peculiar diseases from which we either tremendously suffer or unnecessary die. Diseases that by breathing clean air , drinking natural water and eating organic food could have been avoided.

Our body 70-75% water, and needs water replenishment All the time . Drinking plenty of water is the golden key to our health

Water , made up of oxygen and hydrogen , plays an essential role in vitamins , minerals and nutrient absorption , digestion , transportation and utilization .

Water is vital for us ; first and foremost it energizes  the body

– It has thermal capacity , the ability to adjust to body temperature .

– It is a lubricant .

– It  has a very large surface tension.

-It is  a medium for biochemical reactions .

The current scientific research on water is well moving in the direction of the need to drinking plenty of anion energy water . Alas , the western medical educated professionals are still reluctant and mostly adhere to describing toxic chemical medicines for illnesses . However , we laymen are becoming more and more aware that we have to replenish our body with water closest to natural water , which is richly anion energized water .

anion energized water breaks up the clusters of water molecules (H2O) in a single molecules , hence the water moves rapidly in and out of the cells , improving the speed of nuanion energized water .trients absorption and excreting harmful substance . Our metabolism rate is significantly improved by drinking . Also , anion energized water  is the best source for the excretion of contaminated .

Elements and the elimination of free radicals ; slowing down again , diseases & sicknesses and other chronic painful symptoms .

Studies have revealed that health awareness among the laymen is increasing , and sooner than not anion energized water will become the indispensable drinking water in the near future .The earlier we begin using it , the better the effects and the longer we will live a vibrant healthy life .


DQT Nano-Energized Water Purifier is created through the application of cross scientific technology from various sectors.


The biggest problem lies with the excessive amount of sugar content in these refreshing drinks, which causes diabetes.


Emotional disorders, such as anxiety disorder and depression, all require professional psychological treatment.


Nowadays, anions only exist in clean natural environment, such as seaside, jungle and waterfall.