Natural Hydrogen Rich Water

Evolution of Drinking Water:

  1. General water (tap water): 1950 to 1960
  2. Reserve osmosis water (pure water): 1970
  3. Mineral water (energy water): 1980
  4. Electrolyzed water (alkaline water): 1990
  5. Hydrogen water: 2003
  6. Hydrogen anion water (natural hydrogen rich water): 2010 to present

Though tap water supplied by municipality is the water that sustains daily life, the type of water that enhances and improves health is known as functional water. This is a type of water with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative stress properties.

In 2007, a group of researchers in 2007, led by Japanese scholar Ohsawa, discovered that only hydrogen molecules (H2), not oxygen molecules (O2) or water molecules (H2O2), could be eliminated from a cell. This finding has since garnered significant attention worldwide.

Hydrogen molecule is the substance with the smallest molecular weight. It is high in activity level and permeability, capable of entering cells, tissues and brain in a quick manner. At the same time, hydrogen molecule is the best reductants, as it is non-toxic, harmless and has zero side-effects. In the event of overconsumption, hydrogen can be easily excreted from the human body.

Currently known diseases and discoveries related to the research on the medical benefits of hydrogen include 1) diabetes mellitus, 2) Parkinson’s disease, 3) Alzheimer’s disease, 4) myocardial injury, 5) intestinal inflammation, 6) liver damage, 7) brain stem stroke, 8) stroke, 9) high and low blood pressure, 10) high cholesterol, 11) cancer, 12) angina pectoris, 13) myocardial infarction, 14) gout 15) asthma, 16) arthritis, 17) allergic dermatitis, 18) vision loss, 19) anxiety, 20) kidney disease, and 21) many more.

Living in the age with severe environmental deterioration and frequent food safety issues, the drinking water revolution has become a pressing priority. Accounting for 75% of the human body, the importance of water is indisputable. As such, selecting the right drinking water is paramount to us. High-quality water can remove waste and toxins from the body, effectively improve the body’s circulatory system, and keep the body in good condition.

Hydrogen supplementation is fundamental to the replenishment of life and vitality. Drinking hydrogen-rich water which is rich in hydrogen anions can therefore help to fight aging, reduce oxidation, prevent diseases, restore physical health and revitalize the body.


DQT Nano-Energized Water Purifier is created through the application of cross scientific technology from various sectors.


The biggest problem lies with the excessive amount of sugar content in these refreshing drinks, which causes diabetes.


Emotional disorders, such as anxiety disorder and depression, all require professional psychological treatment.


Nowadays, anions only exist in clean natural environment, such as seaside, jungle and waterfall.