Nowadays, anions only exist in clean natural environment, such as seaside, jungle and waterfall (which carries the highest content). Contemporary society is full of high tech devices which make our life easy, but these electrical devices also produce cations (also known as fatigue ions) that are harmful to human body. Long term exposure under these electrical devices, for example television set, handset, computer and advance electrical devices, will cause the cations to permeate into our body, causing diet acidification, physical and mental fatigue, reduction in immunity level, drop in blood circulation and rapid aging. Eventually, this will lead to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, skin spots, muscle and bone aches, and other diseases.


With more and more anion products appearing in our daily life, a term that started off as a physics concept has now being applied more frequently in all aspects of our lives. One may ask, what exactly is an anion? What does anion do? What type of anion can truly be considered as “air vitamin”? Perhaps the paragraph below will provide some clarifications.

Natural anion has massive impact on human’s health, longevity and habitat

Normal anion concentration in a confined space is 50 to 100 anions per cm3. Location that has a concentration of 700 anions per cm3 (such as green field or park) will make a person feel refreshing and healthy. That is why natural anion is regarded as “air vitamin”. According to clinical examinations conducted by medical experts, air that contains appropriate amount of natural anion has the following effects:

  1. Human body’s oxygen conversion capacity improvement and metabolism acceleration, hence making people feel comfortable while producing therapeutic healing effect. Anion can also activate body enzymes, increase oxygen absorption by 20% and carbon dioxide discharge by 14.5%
  2. Blood pressure control and cardiac function improvement. Anions can adjust blood pH, activate cells, improve various cell functions and maintain ionic balance. They are able to purify blood, and inhibit the formation of blood cholesterol.
  3. Sleep effect and immunity improvement. Anions are capable of stabilizing autonomic nervous system, controlling sympathetic nervous system, preventing neurasthenia, increasing brain α wave and reducing fatigue.
  4. Inflammation, pain and cancer control, while healing cirrhosis, diabetes, nerve palsy.
  5. Sterilization. Anions are able to capture bacteria and viruses, causing structural changes to them that lead to their death.
  6. Smell elimination. Anions in the air can neutralize cations, leading to smell elimination
  7. Smoke and dust absorption. Anions work together with electrostatic field on the tourmaline crystal surface, absorbing smoke and dust particles in the air.
Anions deserved to be known as “Air Vitamin”

World’s longevity village, which is located in Bama, Guangxi, is the living proof of anion’s benefits to human health. Researchers have discovered that the high ratio of centenarians among Bama population has to be attributed to the high anion concentration in the region. The concentration is as high as 30,000 anions per cm3. In Bama, there has been no diabetic, hypertension or cancer patient. Most of the elders died of old age. Diabetic patients were healed of their reliance of insulin shot, after staying there for a period of time. The place with the highest anion concentration in Bama is a cave called White Devil Cave, with a concentration of 170,000 anions per cm3. There are plenty of cancer patients who chose to stay in Bama, just to be exposed to the anions. Anions are, therefore, known as “air vitamin”. Numerous clinical studies have found that anions can improve neurasthenia, insomnia, cardiac and cerebral vascular patency, reduce blood viscosity, improve human immunity, and improve insomnia, asthma, with significant therapeutic effect in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes and other illnesses.

Magnetic field - Introduction

Magnetic field

1. Introduction

The application of magnetic field effect in the treatment of human diseases is known as magnetic therapy. When magnetic field is applied on human body, it can alter the strength and direction of the bioelectric current of human body, producing weak eddy current that affects the moving direction of electron in human body and the distribution, concentration and moving speed of extra-and intracellular ions. This will then lead to changes in cell membrane potential, nerve excitatory, cell membrane permeability, material exchange and biochemical processes.

Magnetic field is essential to human survival. Earth itself is a large magnetic field. However, the strength of magnetic field is gradually declined due to shortening poles, elongating equator, melting glaciers, rising sea levels and other reasons caused by the Earth’s own motion. Construction of skyscrapers and rapid addition of high voltage grid also cause interference and destruction to the magnetic field. Right now, the current strength of magnetic field is 50% of the strength 500 years ago. Many have been suffering from various magnetic field deficiency symptoms.  Scientists have confirmed that space syndrome experienced by astronauts is due to the lack of magnetic field. This shows the importance of magnetic field to a living being.


Magnetic therapy, also known as magnetic acupoint therapy, is the application of magnetic field effect on certain part or acupoint of human body, allowing the magnetic field to penetrate through human body tissue for disease treatment. The mechanism of this therapy is based on the acceleration of cell revitalisation and rejuvenation. This will strengthen blood cell vitality, purify blood, improve microcirculation, adjust endocrine disorders and regulate the balance of body’s physiological functions.

Magnetic field can be used to treat a variety of diseases, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, nervous headache, neurasthenia, hemifacial spasm, bronchitis, colitis, ulcer disease, cervical spondylosis, low back pain, acute lumbar sprain, muscle strain, gall colic, biliary stones, urinary tract stones, rhinitis, dermatitis, phlebitis, etc.

Magnetic field - Biological effects of the magnetic field

– Magnetic field’s impact on cardiovascular function

Magnetic field has no obvious effect on healthy heart, but it can improve heart function and myocardium blood circulation for the unhealthy ones.t_biological_effects_of_cell_tower_radiation_on_human_body_121_page_11_364

– Magnetic field’s impact on blood

Current laboratory results of the magnetic field’s effect on white blood cells are inconsistent. White blood cells may decrease temporarily under the effect of magnetic field, but the count returns to normal quite quickly. Therefore, overall magnetic field has no obvious effect on white blood cells. At the same time, the impact of magnetic field on human red blood cells and hemoglobin are also full of uncertainty. It does increases platelet count. Magnetic field also reduces blood lipids and blood viscosity.

– Magnetic field’s impact on gastrointestinal function

For normal gastrointestinal function, the magnetic field can enhance gastrointestinal bioelectric activity, improve gastrointestinal motility and promote gastrointestinal absorption. On the other hand, magnetic field has two way adjustment effects on abnormal gastrointestinal function.

– Magnetic field’s impact on immunity

Current laboratory results of the magnetic field’s effect on immunity are inconsistent. Multiple experiment results show that magnetic field can increase leukocyte phagocytic rate, improve complement levels and improve immune globulin. This indicates that magnetic field is capable to improve cellular and body fluid immunity against negative biochemical effect.

– Magnetic field’s impact on tumour

Experiments show that, for various cancers, magnetic field can inhibit the growth of tumour cells, kill tumour cells and prevent tumour metastasis, even prolong the life of laboratory animals.

– Magnetic field’s impact on bacteria

Magnetic field kills Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic Streptococcusand other bacteria. However it has no inhibition or elimination effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa.