DQT Herbal Quantum Negative Ion Bra


 DQT  Herbal Quantum Negative Ion Bra

Traditional underwear design has great hidden dangers to women’s breast health, such as too tight, metal or plastic fixing bands, long-term wear will bring the following conditions to the breasts: hyperplasia, nodules, lumps, pain, tumors or breast cancer, and breast cancer  Become the number one killer against women.

DQT patent bra is designed for women’s breasts to keep healthy.  Using DQT patented technology formula, a bra made of a variety of herbal plant materials.  Based on the theory of external adjustment of internal diseases of Chinese medicine combined with modern technology experiments, it was developed by a Japanese professional team after many years.  The “Compendium of Materia Medica” clearly records that natural wormwood and motherwort are beneficial to women’s health, so DQT company launched a herbal plant + quantum negative ion energy bra, opening a new era of women’s health bra.  DQT bras can improve the microcirculation of the breast, enhance the vitality of cells, and eliminate the sub-health of the breast.