DQT Quantum Anion Hydro-rich Water Generator


DQT Nano-Energized Water Purifier is the portable water purifier &energizer on the market .Water molecules interact strongly with ions , electrical charged atoms. The DQT tube is  created through the application of cross scientific technology from various sectors such as materials science, physics, chemistry, electro-optical, biological  and medical science combined with the high-tech Nano energy Technology ;DQT Anion Energy Health Tube is treated with high-tech Nano Energy Technology; to make a complete and high-performance product. It is safe, non-toxic, lightweight, heat-resistant, durable, elegant, and internationally recognized.



In Water The DQT Quantum Anion Hydrogen-rich Water Generator cleanses , rearranges , activates and energizes all tap and bottled water .
-It breaks up the water molecule clusters in single molecules.
-It neutralizes harmful and odorous toxics , and chloric* residual or any fluoridation .
-It shifts the energy causing bacteria & parasites death .
-It adds essential minerals and elements .
-It Anion and single water molecules stimulate metabolism and the body’s own immunity and power .
-It increases the amount of dissolved oxygen and enhances water absorption .
-It offsets harmful frequencies and information stored in water due to exposure to UV sun – rays .
It balances the water PH level in the body -without chlorine * and its bacteria killing action , people would die in their millions from devastating infections , in fact in non-chloric-tap-countries ,people do . Yet , best drinking water is without any chemicals .
Energy The amazing combination of the many finest natural nano energy laden stones in the tube enhances blood circulation . It also deflects the harmful electromagnetic waves surrounding us and protects us against airplane , computer and cellphone radiation .
Anion Anions are the negative ions to be found in the air . When we replenish ourselves with anions , we also neutralize the harmful oxygen-radicals with anti-oxidant effects.
Single water molecules The tube breaks the clusters of water molecules into single molecules .Only single water molecules can effectively carry oxygen and nutrients into the cells and excrete toxic metabolic waste.
Minerals The minerals and trace elements used are , dissolved in the water , rich in anions ; delaying aging and enhances vital health.
Alkaline The tube ‘s amazing mixture of minerals , turns tap & bottled or pure source water into PH 7.4 to 8.5 water . Alkaline water is an anti-oxidant , a free-radical scavenger . An acidic body is the source of 80% of sicknesses.
Porcelain The ceramic tube made of the finest porcelain , is the sublime carrier for the released energy containing the high quantity of anions , to disperse and do its magical yet natural work.
Daily Aqueous Usage Before using the DQT for the first time , soak it in water for one minute and let the water drain ! ! !

Place the DQT Tube for 30 minutes at the center of a 3-4 liters water container .After that the great taste water can be kept 2 days for storage .
While outside the house or during travel use the tube in any smaller container , glass , metal or plastic bottle , for 10 minutes . This way one drinks anions energy water wherever one is , wherever one goes .
After use , dry the tube in a ventilated space , in the sun or when on the move , put it back in the pouch , which allows for the water to drip .
Use the anions energy water for washing vegetables , neutralizing metals and nitrates , hence extending their shelf life .
Use the anions energy water for cooking vegetables , grains , and soups . It makes the food more aromatic ; noodles more elastic and softer .
Use the anions energy water for cleansing fish and poultry . It kills the injected growth hormones .
Use the anions energy water for cleansing one’s face and skin or rinsing hair . The water nourishes the skin cells , dilutes skin pigment , clears hair follicles , discharges grease and prevent acne . Hence the skin looks smooth , bright and youthful .

Daily External Use The energy released by DQT Health Tube is completely consistent with the resonance and frequency of natural ionized energy field, capable of penetrating any substance up to 15cm.

Place the Tube on the abdomen. This has therapeutic effect on digestive system, genitourinary system, prostate, uterus ; improving sexual life .
Placing the tube on the chest . This enhances the functions of heart and lungs, and weakens depression and hyperventilation . It also activates breast cells , thus beautifies the breasts .
Place the tube one’s sleeping pillow to improve sleep quality and relieve insomnia .
Place the tube on any pain spot to release pain or swelling .
Place the tube next to the computer and cellphone to reduce radiation and electromagnetic waves .
Wear the tube while travelling by airplane . Flight personal should be advised (or obliged) to wear a tube .
Place the tube 5 min next to cigarettes to reduce nicotine dependence .
Place the tube 30 min next to liquor to make it less acid , reducing liver damage (and the hangover effect) .
Place the tube 10 min next to coffee to remove the bitter taste .
Place the tube in your fridge to ionize the air and remove smell , and to preserve food longer . drink
Place the tube 10-20 min next to cosmetics to break down the clustered molecules in single ones for better penetration into the skin .


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