DQT Herbal Quantum Negative Ion Bra




Traditional underwear design has great hidden dangers to women’s breast health, such as too tight, metal or plastic fixing bands, long-term wear will bring the following conditions to the breasts: hyperplasia, nodules, lumps, pain, tumors or breast cancer, and breast cancer Become the number one killer against women.

DQT patent bra is designed for women’s breasts to keep healthy. Using DQT patented technology formula, a bra made of a variety of herbal plant materials. Based on the theory of external adjustment of internal diseases of Chinese medicine combined with modern technology experiments, it was developed by a Japanese professional team after many years. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” clearly records that natural wormwood and motherwort are beneficial to women’s health, so DQT company launched a herbal plant + quantum negative ion energy bra, opening a new era of women’s health bra. DQT bras can improve the microcirculation of the breast, enhance the vitality of cells, and eliminate the sub-health of the breast.


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