DQT Quantum Anion Energy Glasses


DQT Quantum Anion (Far Infrared) Energy Glasses

According to the report of the World Health Organization, blue light radiation causes 1.5 million people to become blind each year. Statistics show that since the introduction of first mobile phone in 1973, the first thing that more than 50% of the world’s population do in the morning when they open their eyes is to pick up the phone. According to the latest medical research, the display screen of the tablet computer and the background light of the mobile phone screen contain abnormally high energy blue light, which can directly penetrate the lens to reach the retina and damage the retina, especially increasing the chance of macular degeneration, and result in blindness in severe cases.

Modern medicine shows that 90% of eye diseases are caused by lack of oxygen. Oxygen and water supply to the eyeball is low, and the slowing of metabolism and detoxification around the eyeball is the main cause of eye diseases. The body’s metabolism produces a large amount of “free radicals” of metabolic waste, which is what we usually call “toxins.” Toxins will be produced in large quantities due to the aging of the eyes, degradation, drug residue poisoning and fatigue as a result of long-term use of eyes. This will cause severe damage to the eye’s physiological structure and optic nerve, resulting in protein mutation, metabolic disorders, optic nerve damage, the formation of high intraocular pressure, glaucoma, cataracts, vision loss, dry eyes, eye fatigue, eye floaters, presbyopia, myopia and other different kinds of eye disease.

The function of DQT quantum anion (far infrared) energy glasses is that it can promote microcirculation of capillary blood around the eye, activate the activity of biological macromolecules, thereby exerting the function of biological macromolecules to regulate body metabolism and immune activity, which is beneficial to the recovery and balance of body functions, to achieve eye disease prevention and treatment purposes. Change the status quo – Start with DQT quantum anion (far infrared) energy glasses to take care of your eyes.

DQT quantum anion (far infrared) energy glasses frame uses DQT’s high-tech patented technology to optimize the traditional frames and lenses. DQT quantum anion (far infrared) energy glasses added patented minerals, “high oxygen content compound healthcare additive”, to the frame material. Then it was burned with tourmaline (maifan stone, vermiculite, tourmaline, volcanic rock, etc.) using patented technology. After 48 hours of implantation of the latest generation of quantum energy store, the quantum energy loaded in the product will further repair the body’s microcirculation obstacles through the characteristics of high frequency resonance. (Microcirculation is the process by which capillaries deliver nutrients to various organs of the body. The body’s blood circulation at the heart is not enough to transfer energy. It must also rely on the microcirculation to regulate the blood for the second time. The cycle is likened to the “second heart” of the human body.) The microcirculatory disorder can cause 414 kinds of human diseases and 33 types of malignant tumours, and it is the source of all diseases! When the quantum energy is applied to the human body, the cells of the body produce up to 100 million vibrations per second, peel off the toxic dirt from the inner wall of the cells, and then excrete with the body’s metabolism. Quantum energy helps the body to remove toxins and blood vessels, and the body will then naturally be in a healthy state.

DQT quantum anion (far infrared) energy spectacles with multiple functions and principles

1) Rehabilitation efficacy: Eye dryness, astringent eyes, soreness and other visual fatigue symptoms.

2) Health effects: Increase the oxygen content of blood and cells, and effectively prevent myopia, presbyopia, dry eyes, glaucoma and various kinds of eye diseases.

3) Protection effectiveness: Effectively prevent screen radiation and shortwave blue light damage. Isolating 99% of UV and other harmful light waves.

4) Cosmetic effects: Improve fine lines and dark circles on the eyes. Prevent eye bag formation.







DQT Medical Eye Mask

DQT medical eye mask is effective in treating various eye disorders, such as glaucoma, dryeye syndrome, ocular hypertension, floater, early-stage cataract, presbyopia, blurred vision,red eyes, and eye fatigue from viewing mobile phone and computer. It can also eliminate dark circles and improve sleep quality.
DQT medical eye mask contains a variety of rare minerals and trace elements that are Combined using the latest nanotechnology. The eye mask promotes microcirculation of the eye area, enhances metabolism, removes (free radical) toxins from the ocular fundus, and restores the vitality and health of eye cells.
The eye mask  is consisted of three layers: The two outer layers are made of cloth covered in Special material (negative ion). The main feature of the eye mask can be found in the  middle layer, which is made up of trace element granules.
How to use: Wear the eye mask  every night while sleeping or resting. The eye mask  protects the eyes, treats eye diseases, is suitable for all ages, and is a great travel companion. As the blood circulation around the eye area improves and metabolism rate increases in the initial stage , some users may experience high temperature around their eye area or light-headedness.This is a normal occurrence. Remember to drink plenty of water or take a rest.
Cosmetic benefits: Improve fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Prevent the formationof eye bags.
*Pair with DQT Medical Glasses to achieve the best outcomes