Quantum Anion Porcelain

Three Major Functions of the Hygienic Energy Porcelain

  1. Antibacterial preservation: The surface of energy porcelain can inhibit bacterial growth. The thermoelectric properties and autopolarity of the energy porcelain make the glaze highly active. With its strong oxidizing ability, the glaze destroys bacterial cell membrane, inhibits bacterial growth, and efficiently decomposes bacterial residue into carbon dioxide and water. Keeping the porcelain surface clean is the best way to keep food at home.
  2. Easy to clean and highly hygienic: The surface of energy porcelain is easy to clean. Energy porcelain is highly hydrophobic, allowing water droplets to expand rapidly on the glaze surface. Oil stain and tea scale can be easily removed using clean water. The ease of maintenance allows users to stay away from detergents and enjoy healthy lifestyle.
  3. Living water: Energy porcelain has living water function. The surface and the body of the energy porcelain can generate strong infrared waves, which resonates with water molecules and breaks down large water molecules into smaller ones. This removes the dirt contained in the ring structure formed by water molecules and achieves living water cleansing effect.



DQT Ladies Mug


Elegant, wise, beautiful, beauty from the inside out. Be the best version of yourself!



DQT Energy Porcelain Tea Set


Porcelain and tea always go hand-in-hand since ancient times. Snipping tea from tea bowl made from energy porcelain is a delightful and charming experience as we indulge ourselves in reminiscing the art of drinking tea that has been around for thousands of years.

DQT Dragon and Phoenix Bowl Set


The Dragon and Phoenix Bowl Set is produced from the method of embossing. The bowl set features lifelike presentation of dragon and phoenix, which are totems and symbols of happiness in Chinese culture.


DQT Energy Porcelain Tableware


Tableware is one of the basic necessities in life, used by everyone on a daily basis during every breakfast, lunch and dinner. If we use a five-stars rating system to rate its frequency of use, the tableware deserves our five stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★.

Therefore, given the high frequency of usage, shouldn’t we hold the quality and safety standards of our tableware to the highest standards possible? As a tool that we use for such a long time with our food, the tableware definitely deserves all our attention.