What are the therapeutic effects of high quality water?

Anxiety disorder and depression

Body magnesium imbalance will lead to anxiety disorder and depression

Emotional disorders, such as anxiety disorder and depression, all require professional psychological treatment. When there is a high content of magnesium in a person’s body, he/she loses interest in everything and become very vulnerable to depression. On the other hand, magnesium deficiency will lead to restlessness, tachycardia, facial and eye muscle tremors, and other symptoms of anxiety disorder.

If a human body is unable to excrete harmful substances, signs of chronic fatigue will appear. Chronic fatigue causes not only long-term debilitating fatigue, but also depression, in more severe cases. When a person undergoes severe thirst, he or she becomes grumpy. This is because the lack of fluid in our body leads to sympathetic stimulation, which excites brain and causes human body to be restless.

Solution: Regulate body magnesium content through diet

In the event of anxiety disorder and depression, constant worries will only exacerbate the condition. Firstly, the level of magnesium content can be detected through body hair. If the level of magnesium is too high, food with high magnesium content must be avoided. At the same time, intake of food rich in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E will help in reducing magnesium concentration. Vitamin B6 is essential in metabolism of protein, which you are able to find in animal meats (e.g. fish, pork, poultry, etc.) and cereals (brown rice, soybeans, oats, etc.).

In battling against anxiety disorder, it is important to prioritize food that is rich in magnesium. All green vegetables are rich in magnesium, as well as almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, honey, spinach and tuna. Nowadays, office workers often eat out and have less opportunity to consume vegetables. It would be great to consider omurice and salad. Furthermore, the lack of water will lead to anxiety – one should drink more water and keep body warm, as it also helps in relieving anxiety.

Sleep lost is closely related to body dryness

Long term insomnia will lead to rapid aging. During sleep, pineal gland from the pituitary gland secretes melatonin, together with retina and internal organs. Melatonin is capable to protect cells from the attack of reactive oxygen species. On top of that, melatonin is also beneficial to the secretion of growth hormone and has antioxidant effects.

Frequent insomnia will cause sympathetic autonomic nervous system to remain in a state of tension for a long period time, increasing the secretion of stress hormones. This will lead to obesity and decline in immunity. Obesity will then reduce the secretion of growth hormone, accelerating aging process.

Nowadays, more and more people have become late sleepers, a lifestyle that can easily lead to insomnia. Since the secretion of melatonin is higher under dark environment, sleep quality during daytime is poor. That is exactly why sleeping late can lead to the development of insomnia. It is, therefore, very important to pay more attention to sleep quality instead of sleep duration.

When sympathetic nervous system is hyperactive, heart will beat faster and human brain will enter a state of excitement. Under such condition, our body is unable to rest properly, which will then causes insomnia.

–          Solution: Reduction of caffeine intake and consume more nature sleep aids

Restless night causes high amount of water distribution and increase in body dryness. Caffeine intake must be reduced to improve sleep quality. At the same time, eat food that will aid sleeping. Banana and tomato are rich in melatonin. Eat them after meal or as snacks will improve sleep quality.

Lettuce also contains lettuce cream (lactucarium), which is a hypnotic ingredient. Take a few bites of it after dinner will also achieve a similar effect as eating banana and tomato.

Cancer is a disease caused by proliferation of mutated and abnormal cells

Cancer is caused by abnormal cells that contains damaged DNA and proliferates continuously. Our body has a filtration system that removes abnormal or immature genes, and a regeneration system that repairs damaged gene. Many chemical processes occur within these systems, and they all require a large amount of water. Therefore, if there is a lack of water in the body, these systems will fail to function properly, which will lead to cancer.

Let us look at the cell filtration processes. All cells excrete wastes through chemical reactions. Water molecules will then carry these wastes to liver and kidney for processing. If there is a lack of water, cell circulation will be affected. Accumulation of these acidic wastes will slowly corrupt the transcription factors of DNA sequences stored in the nucleus. If a transcription factor of a cell has been permanently damaged, an abnormal cell with regeneration capability is born. Once activated, this cell will start to replicate uncontrollably.

–          Solution: Drink plenty of water and consume anti-oxidant food

Cancer has multiple causes. One of which is the accumulation of large volume of wastes due to the lack of body fluid. As a result, an abnormal cell is formed. In order to maintain body fluid, regular water drinking is crucial.

In addition, body massage is a good way to promote body circulation. For example, apply soap around the breast area, during shower, and massage in circulation motion. It will prevent dryness and promote circulation, thus preventing cancer from occurring. Once it becomes a habit, this practice will also lead to early breast tumour detection, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Top to bottom massage can also be applied on other body parts. Massage promotes circulation, allowing body to excrete wastes quicker and achieve certain preventions. A good example is colon cancer. This cancer is caused by constipation, which allows long term accumulation of body wastes in the body. Constant abdominal massage and adequate water intake will help to ease constipation, hence preventing colon cancer.

DNA and cell mutation due to reactive oxygen species also cause cancer. Adequate water intake, coupled with anti-oxidant food diet, will help to minimize the side effects of reactive oxygen species.

Even though cancer is not a genetic disease, those with family history tend to have higher chance of getting the disease. Therefore, it is very crucial for these people to conduct genetic testing on a particular cancer. If traces of gene are unfortunately detected, prevention can be done through food diet control, vitamin and minerals replenishment, lifestyle correction and daily sport activities.

–          Anti-cancer food for a variety of cancers:

Esophageal cancer, gastric cancer: Broccoli, milk and lactic acid bacteria, cabbage, Vitamin A
Colorectal cancer: Apple, dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria, fish
Liver cancer: Mushrooms, soybean paste, fruits rich in vitamin C, legumes
Lung cancer: Olive oil, tomatoes, folic acid, Vitamin B12
Breast cancer: Soybeans, broccoli, tomatoes
All cancers: Garlic, alkaline micro-molecule water

Bone that lacks water and minerals will lead to a reduction of bone density

As human grows older, bone density decreases while the risk of osteoporosis increases. Patients with osteoporosis suffer bone fractures easily due to gradual decline in bone tissue content per unit volume. Since osteoporosis is an invincible chronic disease, early nutrient supplement is recommended for prevention.

Generally people believe bones are made purely of calcium. In fact, apart from calcium, bones contain various minerals such as sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and water. The cause of osteoporosis is due to the lack of minerals and water that lead to the drop in bone density.

The key to osteoporosis prevention is nutritional balance and sufficient water intake. In terms of calcium content in food, seaweeds are much better than food from animal source. Since human body has difficulties absorbing calcium directly, the calcium from seaweeds is more soluble in water and can be absorbed easily together with water.

Solution: Replenish calcium through seaweeds

In order to increase bone density, supplement of other minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus are also crucial. Reliance on calcium alone is insufficient to prevent bone dryness. With regard to this, seaweeds are highly recommended. Seaweeds contain rich minerals and it is low in calories, rich in dietary fiber. As a result, it is useful in the prevention of constipation and obesity.

Appropriate exercise can improve calcium and mineral absorptions, improving bone density and preventing osteoporosis. Simple home exercises, such as rope skipping and simple jumping, will strengthen bones without causing curvy spine. A good choice for middle aged people who have high risk in osteoporosis.

Menopausal disorders
Excessive sweating will accelerate body dryness

The body of menopausal women behaves in strange ways, for example osteoporosis, insomnia, hot flashes, sweating, hot cheeks, unregulated body temperature, etc. This is all due to the decline in ovarian secretion of estrogen.

Normally, hot flashes and excessive sweating lead to rapid water loss. Fluid loss within short period of time through sweating and glowing red cheeks will make the already dry body even drier. As a result, blood circulation to the brain is affected and pituitary secretion of growth hormone declines, accelerating aging processes.

Solution: Consume more soybean and pomegranate, which are rich in plant estrogen

This will make the blood circulation to ovaries and pituitary gland return to normal, reduce menopausal disorders and slow down aging. Aerobic exercise and abdominal massage have significant effect in preventing ovaries and pituitary gland dryness. However, there is no need to go to the gym in order to achieve it. Simple muscle exercises at home, such as sit ups, squat stand and dumbbell lifting will also do the trick.

What matters more is the diet. Food like soybean and pomegranate are rich in isoflavone, a type of plant estrogen. So, eating these foods will help delay aging. Various amino acids are essential for growth hormones. Therefore, it is best to eat seaweeds on a daily basis, and choose antioxidant-rich grape seed oil and olive oil as cooking oil.

Eating more food rich in melatonin, such as banana and tomato will improve sleep quality. Chinese black mushrooms can prevent osteoporosis, while poached egg yolk can supply protein. Daily nut diet, which is rich in Vitamin E, is good for health. People with menopause should consider eating lean meat and a variety of fish, especially salmon and cod, three times a week, as well as ten to twenty pine nuts and a couple of walnuts every day. For people who dislike nut, some nuts can be used during dish preparation. Other than adding a better taste to the food, it also encourages the natural uptake of nut nutrients.

Body dryness aggravates hypertension

There are many causes of hypertension. Take familial hypertension for instance, the chance for children of both parents with hypertension to suffer from similar disease is 80%. If only one of the parents has hypertension, the chance remains at 40 to 50%.

Poor diet may lead to hypertension. High salt diet will cause sodium content to compete for body fluid. This leads to increase in blood volume and blood pressure. In order to withstand high pressure, the blood vessel’s wall thickens, blood capillaries shrink and blood pressure increases. This impacts the blood flow to heart and kidney, which explains the negative impact of hypertension on other organs.

At the same time, obesity through overeating increases blood supply areas of human body, adding more burden to the heart. According to statistics, obesity increases the risk of hypertension by 3 times. Same goes to excessive drinking. Despite the fact that alcohol causes vascular dilation and drop in blood pressure, excessive drinking is highly correlated with overeating and obesity, which, in the end, causes hypertension.

Other bad habits such as coffee drinking and smoking can induce hypertension too. Caffeine and nicotine promotes secretion of adrenaline which then leads to high blood pressure and blood vessel contraction. High level of stress also leads to an increase in adrenaline secretion.

Body dryness also aggravates hypertension. Unlike stiff water pipes, human blood vessels will adjust itself according to the level of blood pressure. Under dry environment, circulatory system of the body will contract in the adjustment to water loss, leading to an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, if the body remains dry for the long period of time, contracted blood vessels will become hard and result in arteriosclerosis; and hypertension, eventually.

Solution: Drink water regularly and rely on light food diet

Different strategies are required to deal with the different causes of hypertension. The basic strategy is to drink water regularly. 66% of the water loss from our body comes from intercellular fluid, 26% from extracellular but only 8% from blood circulation. People often wonder how big the impact of this 8% water is. As a matter of fact, this 8% of water is extremely crucial to the entire blood circulation system. This water not only carries supply to intercellular fluid, it also carries away body waste. We must drink more water to prevent the lack of water in circulatory system from tightening blood vessels.

Avoiding overly salty food is as vital as regular water drinking. This applies to both patients with hypertension and other people. Salt in food will retain body fluid, causing blood pressure to increase. Even though one single overly salty meal will not lead to hypertension, it will still cause burden to our body system. Light diet is the best way to prevent increase in blood pressure because water in the body can be transported to where it is needed, without causing swelling and obesity.

Diabetes is the end product of brain water shortage

Human body relies on glucose, the smallest unit of carbohydrate, for energy. The level of glucose in human body is maintained by insulin. Insulin secretion deficiency, or excessive insulin secretion, will lead to diabetes. There are multiple causes of diabetes. 15% of Singaporean suffer from diabetes and the percentage is expected to increase in the future. Currently there is high public awareness on common causes of diabetes, such as obesity, diet and genetic factors. Therefore, the discussion here will focus mainly on the relationship between body dryness and diabetes.

Glucose supplies energy to the brain. When your body is under water shortage, the brain becomes more dependence on glucose. This is because more energy is needed to convert glucose into water. This explains people’s fondness of sweet food during fatigue or under great pressure. When human body is under pressure, 85% of the brain energy comes from glucose. Hence, sweet food is a good solution for headache coming from pressure.

In addition, brain cells are different from other body cells. They do not require insulin to acquire glucose through cell membrane. As a result, glucose content increases. That is why diabetes is the end product of brain water shortage.

What are worse than diabetes are its complications. When human body fails to secrete insulin properly, body cells do not get enough sugar and amino acids. This will lead to an accumulation of potassium outside the cells. Potassium is responsible in water regulation; so, when water is unable to enter the cells, it results in water loss and gradual damage of amino acid. Under extra stimulation, extracellular potassium tends to cause pulse or sudden cardiac arrest. This highlights the severity of diabetes complications.

Solution: Drink more water and consume more food with zinc content

Polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia are the three typical symptoms of diabetes. Glucose excretion usually requires high volume of water. Therefore, the higher the glucose concentration, the more urine is produced. Since water is excreted continuously out of human body through constant urination, diabetic patients often feel thirsty and need to drink plenty of water. They should never hold the urge of quenching their thirst. Instead they should drink as much as possible to avoid body dryness. Food that is rich in zinc and chromium is helpful for diabetic treatment: zinc is an important component of insulin production whereas chromium acts as the accompanying factor. Oysters, abalone, seaweed, kelp and other seafood are examples of food that is rich in both zinc and chromium.

In addition, reactive oxygen species tend to damage the β-cells of pancreas that secrete insulin. It is, therefore, very important for diabetic patients to consume more anti-oxidant food. Quercetin in onions, lycopene in tomato and Vitamin C in broccoli are some of the natural enemies of reactive oxygen species. Plus, broccoli is also rich in chromium.

High cholesterol, heart disease
High cholesterol and the lack of water contribute to blood clots

The abnormality in metabolism of body fat, such as neutral fat and cholesterol, causes the increase of blood fat content, which is known as hyperlipidemia. Normal total cholesterol count is around 240 mg/litre. When neutral fat is more than 200 mg/litre, the person will be diagnosed with hyperlipidemia.

There are no typical symptoms of hyperlipidemia, but the increase of blood’s neutral fat and cholesterol is a risk factor for arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. They should, therefore, never be taken lightly. High cholesterol can cause hardening and narrowing of blood vessels, blocking blood supplies to the cells. Coronary artery blockage can easily lead to myocardial infarction, whereas cerebrovascular blockage can cause cerebral infarction. At the end of the day, the more serious the blockage is, the more serious is the circulatory disorder, and this will lead to cell dehydration.

Hyperlipidemia increases the blood lipid composition, causing blood to become viscous. Accompanied with the lack of water, blood viscosity will increase. This increases the probability of thrombosis, and doubles the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.


Solution: Consume more antithrombotic food and drink plenty of water to lower cholesterol

Food selection (food that reduces neutral fat) is very important in reducing blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterol and fat causes thrombosis easily, and garlic and bean paste can prevent that from happening. Taking one kiwi before breakfast and dinner has significant effect in lowering the concentration of neutral fat and cholesterol. Anti-oxidant property in kiwi is highly effective. Since reactive oxygen species can lead to heart disease, rapid aging and vascular oxidation, and are carcinogenic in nature, consumption of anti-oxidant food is extremely important.

In addition, regular water drinking helps to lower cholesterol concentration. Intake of oily food must be reduced, and try your best to minimize meat and fried food consumption.

Of course not all types of fat are harmful. Deep-sea fish that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and fat-soluble Vitamin E-rich pine nuts, walnuts and other nuts are also good for health.

How to obtain high quality water

Water does not exist as separate molecules. It combines with hydrogen to form molecular group known as molecular beam. Activated water consists of molecular beam that comes from 5-6 molecules combined. Under such condition, the molecular activity is the highest. Once the water contains impurities such as chlorine or heavy metals, these impurities will join the molecular beam and form dozens of molecular groups.  As a result, the activity of water molecules is inhibited, water becomes tasteless and its permeability reduces. The reason why tap water tastes bad is not only due to the chlorination, it has to do also with the size of molecular beam. Electromagnetic wave generated from tourmaline not only improves the body’s physiological activity, but also activate water and modify the taste of water to become warm and sweet.QQ截图20160119161000

Tourmaline contains a variety of natural minerals, many of which are the same essential minerals for human body. With the help of weak current, minerals can be absorbed easily. Therefore, tourmaline is a great source of minerals. Application of tourmaline in water purification and mineral processing enriches the water with minerals while enhances the taste.

Like tourmaline, Maifan stone is also capable to enrich water with minerals and trace elements. Here, activation of water means alteration of water molecular structure, leading to the enhancement of water’s physiological functions such as permeability and solubility, acceleration of body uptake and also metabolism rate. Ionization refers to the release of negative ions that changes the water into weak alkaline, leading to the improvement of metabolic capacity, such as blood circulation and digestion, improvement of body microcirculation and delay of cell aging. Freshening refers to the removal of excess chlorine and other impurities in the water to improve its taste. The water can be consumed as it is freshened through activated carbon, producing a refreshing taste. Rich oxidation means increasing water oxygen contain to allow easy absorption and fatigue relief.

It is obvious that the understanding of water is closely associated with our health. It is certainly an urgent matter to learn how to obtain high quality water. If a person pays very serious attention to this matter, that same person will achieve health restoration, symptom improvement and disease prevention!

Water covers the world in liquid form, which means all water is connected. Therefore we must listen to the water, pay attention to them, because water carries the answer!

Water is connected with the infinite cosmic consciousness, bringing with it multi-dimensional message. The divine energy of the water can heal diseases, comfort souls, guide spirits and bring inspiration. It is the true source of wisdom!