It is very portable, without any metal, with nice port-line outlook. You can drink whenever you go and the result is visible. Change to: “Lightweight thus portable, also with a great design. Anytime, anywhere, definitely worth it.”

– Mr C k Choong

It is convenient for people whom wants to start off with alkaline water but afraid to invest in too much money. It is a good startup option for people, even if they own a not portable filter and you could be out whole day with this tube. You are then allowed to have unlimited supply of water tagging along with tube. It’s extremely useful when you are in oversea especially when the water are not in standard and we can change the quality of water. Ms Ye has spent a lot of times exploring the tube and helping people to be more healthy. Change to: “Being convenient and cheap, this would be best for people who are interested in clean alkaline water while not looking to invest too much. Easy to bring around, especially overseas when the water standards might not be satisfactory is when this tube really shines. Also, thanks to Ms Ye who has been helping others who have wanted to live a healthier lifestyle with this product.”

– Prof. Toh

DQT Anion Energy Health Tube’s functions in water: The tube is able to cleanse, organize and activate degraded water; remove harmful toxic, odorous, chloric and other contaminants from water, and add in essential mineral and trace elements at the same time. Change to: “The functions of the DQT Anion Energy Health Tube include how the tube would be able to cleanse degraded water and make it suitable for consumption while also incorporating beneficial minerals simultaneously.”

– Alexander Leo