DQT Natural Minerals---Selenium

Selenium—-magical function

  1. Selenium is a food-source antioxidant. Selenium can scavenge excessive oxygen free radicals in the human body and prevent the destruction of cell membrane lipid peroxidation. It is anti-free radical effect is 300—500 times that of vitamin E and vitamin C.
  2. Selenium is the King of anti- cancer ! Improve overall immunity, with auxiliary anti-cancer function . It is the  gospel for cancer patients recovery !
  3. Reduce blood lipids and blood pressure , prevent atherosclerosis , reduce thrombosis , and reduce the area of myocardial infarction .
  4. Prevent liver viral diseases , liver cirrhosis ,liver cancer , fatty liver , alcoholic liver ,etc. It is the gospel for the recovery of liver disease patients !
  5. Instead of insulin function , activate insulin cells to work normally . It is the gospel for the recovery of diabetic patients !
  6. Improve the local anti-infection ability of the prostate , control inflammation and control hyperplasia. It is the gospel for the recovery of prostate patients !
  7. Protect eyesight , prevent male and female infertility, and anti-aging.
  8. Eliminate garbage in the body , remove toxins from the body , and remove heavy metal poisons . Selenium is the King of detoxification in the human body !
  9. Selenium can promote the proliferation and killing of T cells and neutrophils promote the synthesis of immunoglobulins and antibody production , enhance the body`s ability to resist viruses, inhibit virus activation, and reduce the formation of lipoplaques.
  10. In addition to preventing Keshan disease and Kashin-Beck disease , selenium can also have antiviral , anti-allergic, anti-aging , anti-inflammatory , anti-aflatoxin B1 , benzanthracene, nitrosamine and other carcinogenic effects, and reduce radiotherapy and chemotherapy , toxic side effect.
  11. Selenium —the only nutrient that is directly related to virus infection ; Selenium can affect the pathogenicity of the virus by preventing viral gene mutations , which is not available in other micronutrients , so selenium is the only nutrient related to viruses infection is directly related to nutrients.